world’s Most Expensive Buffalo in Udaipur

Claimed to be world’s costliest buffalo, 9.5 year old “Yuvraj” has become the key attraction at the animal exhibition organised as part of GRAM fest in Udaipur.

Yuvraj has been brought in from Haryana and is estimated to be worth Rs 9 Crores. This Rs 9 Crore bid was made by a South African. Owned by Haryana farmer Karmveer Singh, the buffalo weighs a humongous 1600kgs. Considering its built, there is a huge demand for Yuvraj’s semen from farmer’s all across the country for their cows.

Yuvraj has been the All Indian Winner in over 25 competitions held nationally and its owner says that he ends up making over Rs 50Lakh from Yuvraj every year.

However, maintaining a buffalo like Yuvraj does not come easy. The estimated daily cost of maintenance of Yuvraj comes to around Rs 3-4 thousand per day. The buffalo needs around 10 kg fruits, 20 litre milk, dry fruits, 5 kg fodder and grains on a daily basis.

The buffalo is also massaged twice a day with Ghee or Oil.

After looking at its maintenance, I don’t know whether I want to buy this bull or be this bull!