Vintage and Collection of Classic Car Museum Udaipur

Vintage and Classic Car Museum Udaipur –

The Vintage and Classic Car Museum was inaugurated by Lord Montagu, founder of the National Motor Museum in England, Beaulieu. The vintage and classic car museum were unveiled to the general public on February 15, 2000.

The city of the districts is an old car museum in Udaipur, which displays a very ancient and heritage cars.

For automobile lovers, this place is a treatment to pay for travel, which can be searched and studied.

All the vehicles related to the Maharana of Mewar have been shown in the Vintage and Classic car collection.

The Vintage and Classic Car Museum is housed in the former Mewar State Motor Garage.

Which serves as the museum in the present period.

The semi-circular motor garage is located in a large courtyard with its forecourt.

There is also a type of original Shell petrol pump.

The vehicle in which it is 70 years old, can be used in time today.

There are more than 20 antique cars inside this museum, including 4 Rolls-Royce, one MG-TC convertible, one Ford-A convertible.

vintage and classic car

This museum is located on Gulab Bagh road and is in front of Gulab Bagh and main entrance to the zoo .

The Car Museum is just 2 km from Udaipur City Railway Station and 1 km from Udaipur City Bus Depot.

The visitors who come here can take advantage of their own taxis or local rickshaws.

The fees for going inside this museum are different.

This museum is the property of the HRH group, hence Rana is owned by Shri Arvind Singh ji Mewar.

Classic Vintage Car Collection is a paradise for vintage car enthusiasts located in the premises of Garden Hotel in Udaipur.