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Udaipur (currently known as smart city) city of dawn is one of the most lovable tourist place in the world. A vision in the white drenched and beauty, Udaipur seems like a lovely land around the different blue water lakes.

In addition, Udaipur also ranks in the most popular wedding destinations in the world. This is because the smart city is a fascinating blend of sights, imagination, inspiration, beauty, experiences and much more.

Udaipur is a heritage city founded in 1533 by Maharana Udai Singh II as the capital of Mewar. Erstwhile, it became a princely state of British India In 1818.

What is a Smart City?

Although there is no universal definition of a smart city but one means to smart city is to have great infrastructure, good environment, cleanliness around and with a smart solution to all the problems.

But in many ways smart city varies from country to country, person to person, city to city and the level of development. Therefore, smart city depends on willingness to change, aspirations of the residents, resources and reforms.

Smart City

In addition, the smart city mission approach get a start with the objective to provide citizens with the decent life. Also it provides great infrastructure, clean and sustainable environment, to lead a better lifestyle.

This smart mission aims at developing the urban areas into an urban ecosystem representing the aspirations of citizens of the society.

Difference between a traditional city and smart city:-

Key elements of Smart City:-

1. People : Society must participate in the development programs and should contribute their key roles in the development of a smart mission.

Therefore people of the society should be highly flexible and should have high level of creativity and tolerance.

2. Governance : Furthermore, govt should also maintain transparency with the citizens and must promote the citizens to participate in the various programs of the development.

3. Environment : In addition, the sustainable steps must be taken to manage the resources. There must be an aim to maintain sustainable development and to reduce wastage of resources and pollution in the environment.

4. Mobility : For development of a smart city, there must be safe, sustainable and equitable transport.

5. Economy : In addition, the economy should include spirit of creativity and innovation. Therefore, the economy should have the ability to transform and adapt the changes.

6. Living : Furthermore, there must be improvisation in living of the society with high level of safety and social cohesion. There must be housing facility to all the residents and promotion of social and cultural activities.

Smart City

How Udaipur got promoted for a smart city?

Although nominating a city is not a difficult task but it’s hard to make city win the intra- state competitions. The cities are evaluated by the team of panel which includes national as well as international experts.

Process for making a smart city :

Stage I : Stage I is the first round of SCC ( Smart City Challenge). All the states shortlist the cities according to the criteria set by Ministry Of Urban Development (MoUD), govt of India.

The cities which meet the precedent criteria are shortlisted and announced by the ministry for the second round of SCC.

Stage II : In Round II, each of the potential cities prepare a proposal to participate in the city challenge. These proposals comprise of the aspirations of the city residents and other stakeholders.

In addition, it also comprises of financing a smart city plan and matching the desired actions with the prepared model.

While the winning cities of the II round start taking actions for smart city, thereafter those who do not get a chance will start work on improving their SCP’s.

This is how our Udaipur got promotion for a smart city.

Smart City Udaipur :-

Address : Nagar Nigam Bhawan Town Hall, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Phone : 097990 42215
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