Saas Bahu Temple Udaipur

Saas Bahu Temple: Nagda Rajasthan, stand the remains of the Sahasra Bahu temples or Saas Bahu Temples.

Built in early 10th century AD.

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Nagda was once an important city of Mewar, possibly a capital of one of its rulers.

The roof of the temple shows lotus flower painting.

This temple is on the list of heritage monuments of India.

The temple is easily accessible by road.

it is around 20 km from the city Udaipur.

Saas Bahu Temple

There are two temples Bahu is the smaller temple and Saas the large one.

Bahu temple is surrounded by 5 shrines and saas is surrounded by 10 shrines.

At the entrance door, you can spot the idols of Lord Bhramha and Lord Vishnu, Goddess Saraswati.

Beautiful carvings of the 10th century can be spotted here.

The condition is not good now the temple is too old but still enough to admire.


From 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM

From 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Open all days of the week.


No entry fee is charged here.

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