Incidents held in Udaipur | Depleting the society and nation

Most shocking incident held in Udaipur :-

which led to Hindu-Muslim ruthless fights coming over the whole state, which also even led to increase the  fire of anger amongst all the people of nation..


(An image of rally being conducted on Court chouraha,Court,

near Chetak Circle, Udaipur (Raj.).

A topic, or we can also say that a serious incident held in udaipur, which everyone should face and know about to improvise our own society to be free from such ruthless or crucial activities.

Whole country knows about current situation of our state rajasthan, and how people are going through it and dealing with the crucial state.

with this topic of mine article, I just want to express my views that because of some people which belongs or follows any particular religion creates some neunsense in our state and many innocents pepole who are not part of that are dealing with that situation.

I am not criticising any religion or caste and i am no one to do such particular thing because it’s not our religion or way which has developed differences in between many societies, It is we the humans who have created differences like untouchability, higher caste – upper caste cases, and many more  such like these.. The need is that we all are humans and why can’t we live with peace and morality of values.?

A question mark on everyone..!!

The recent incident held in Udaipur is an example of huge conflicts between Hindu and Muslim religion.,various rallies were conducted by both the religion protesting each other.. But do you what is the fact about their rallies and other activities,,,;;?? Nothing but many innocents were taken behind the bars for no reasons. Many who protested against each other were just roaming freely around the town but many innocents got trap in these.., this is the major problem of our country. Why people can’t live peacefully?


Many students with no reason were caught and kept behind the bars for no reason. Why do these innocents have to sacrifice every time ? why don’t those people come in front who have actually done this this.!!

And again a big question mark on everyone.!!

There’s a beautiful world outside from all such things with great people and great ambience, culture,  society. Move on from such old narrow minded thinking and let the world be painted with our great colors, happiness, smile, emotions.

And at last I just want to convey that live peacefully, live for humanity not for such ruthless and crucious activity.