Places To Visit Near Udaipur: Rajsamand

Rajsamand District is 66 km in the north of Udaipur.

Built by Maharana Raj Singh in 1660.

Rajsamand is mainly famous for its lake.

It is listed in one of the largest artificial lakes in Asia.

The depth of the lake is around 60 feet.

The lake is fed by Gomti River.

Lake has also been the base for seaplanes of the imperial airways at the time second world war, for a span of around 6 years.

Maharana Raj Singh erected Nauchowki or 9 pavilions on the embankment of Rajsamand Lake.

These stunning pavilions have intricate carvings and are decorated with images of Sun God with his chariot, birds and other deities.

One can also find the history of Mewar scribbled on it in 1017 verses, on 27 slabs of marble, called Raj Prasasti.

These are known to be one of the longest etchings recognized in India.[source]


The lake has really beautiful marble architecture.

A nice quiet walk near the banks will sure pump up your mood.

Sunset here offers the breathtaking view.

The sun kissed shades are really worth your time.

The Five arches here were for Tuladan ceremony was done for financing temples for the common people.

Sanskrit inscription stone on 27 white marble blocks is one of the most special feature.


How to reach The Lake?

It is around 66 km from Udaipur and 58-59 from the railway station.

Trains and direct buses are available from government and private travel owners.

The nearest airport is  Dabok airport  Udaipur.


This is a must visit if you have time for it.

In monsoon when the lake is at boom, it looks really beautiful.



The district covers the area of 4,768 km.

Aravalli range forms the northwestern boundary of the district.

The district lies in the watershed of the Banas River and its tributaries. Some other rivers are Ari, Gomati, Chandra, and Bhoga.


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