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Gunda Aachar(Gumberry)


Gunda (Gumberry )  is also known as ‘Lesoda’, it is a traditional favourite of Gujarati households.

It is anti-diabetic properties,immune-modulator,anti-inflammatory.

While sticky white substance from the fruit extracts and is use as gum

In the busy schedule and modern era people are incapabale to prepare ‘aachar’ at home.

If you are looking for something pepprish and saltish flavours to intensify the joy of food then you are at the right brand.

Yes, fresh homemade Gumberry pickle(Lesoda Aachar) is now available at your place with 0% preservatives with homemade spices like salt, sour, and so on.

So to fulfill enjoyment of food, we are here to bring a jar of homemade Gumberry pickle.

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