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Handicrafts represents the hand made articles but it seems like that an artist  conveys something through his craftsmanship.

While, the objects are made finely using some easy tools and by the hands, there’s much more dedication included in it.

In Udaipur, the talent of handicraft making is up to the mark. Furthermore, you can get a big range of varieties of handicrafts in Udaipur.

Following are some of the handicrafts of Udaipur, which will make your soul feel delightful:-
  1. Shreenath ji antique portrait.


This is one of the unique example of antiques because it displays the portrait of Shreenath ji.

In addition, this portrait is levied on a fine fabric with the great craftsmanship of an artist.




2. Wooden handicrafts:-

Wooden objects, though you can also this materials in your home.

This craftsmanship represents the fine art of an artist.

In addition, these handicraft are useful in daily life.


3. Customized handicrafts:-


Although customized objects  presents themselves for gifts purposes but they can be also be customize for home decorative.

Furthermore, they are given as presents in weddings, any functions or for some casual ways.



4. Mojri(Footwear):-

Mojri represents the Rajasthani tradition of footwear.

It’s an unique art of footwear which combines various traditional colors of Rajasthan.


5. Bags:-


While bags are everyone’s choice but these handicraft bags looks more antique and unique.

Once who have a look of it, will definitely wants to own it.



This is why Udaipur is a well known place for unique handicraft. There are many places, markets and shops where you can go through these fabulous artistic antiques.

Some handicrafts shops and markets in Udaipur:-