Explore the Lake City Udaipur in a single day.


Lake City Udaipur is one of the best tourist attractions in across the world. Although it’s a small city surrounded by the the Aravalli Hills, but it’s ethnicity is spread all over the world.

If you are wandering on how anyone could explore the culture and ambiance of a majestic city like lake city Udaipur, well, you could do it.

While with proper planning and management, you can explore the top attractions of Udaipur in a single day. Here, is a perfect envision to explore lake city Udaipur in a day like a pro.

Furthermore this envision adds to all the top attractions of Udaipur Which will make your day delightful. Firstly, make sure you arrive the city just before a day, so you can start the city tour early morning.

Here are some of the places of Lake City Udaipur from where you can start your trip:-

1. Karni Mata Mandir:-


While you wake up early morning (7:00 am), visit the Karni Mata Mandir located on a small hill named Machala hill. Machala hill is located on the banks of Lake Pichola.

In addtion, the best part about the temple visit is a cable car ride (ropeway). One you visit the top, the view of this illuminated city looks alluring, and you can see all the attractions of the city. The view of sunrise and the lake is worth watching.

2. City Palace:-

After having a peaceful early morning on the hill, at 9:00 am visit City Palace also located on the banks of Lake Pichola. Here, you can see all the attractive pillars, mahals, cupolas and towers of the palace.

Although, you need 2-3 hours to cover all the attractions of palaces, but every minute you spend is worthy. Some of the major attractions like Sheesh Mahal, Mor-chowk, Dilkush Mahal, Moti Mahal and the crystal gallery should not be missed.

3. Jagdish Mandir:-

This temple is the most famous temple in lake city Udaipur made up of fine architecture and craftsmanship of early age people. In addition, the carvings on the walls and it’s hilarious Indo-Aryan architecture is amazing

This temple is located in the old city which is near the city palace and is preferred to reach by walk. After exploring the city palace you can visit this temple at 12:00 noon.

In addition, you may also love the streets of the old city and it’s market which cover all the necessities. There are a lot of shops in the vicinity and a good place for bargaining shopping.

4. Fatehsagar Lake:-

At 2:00 pm after exploring the old lake city udaipur, you can visit the Fateh Sagar Lake. Here you can enjoy the breeze of the lake surrounded by the greenery. In addition, there are lot of shops where you can enjoy your lunch.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee or shake sitting on the corner of the lake while enjoying breezes of lake.

5. Sajjangarh Fort:-

After having your lunch, you can now explore the Sajjangarh Fort, located on a hill. This fort is also known as Monsoon palace because it was chiefly built by the Maharana to watch the monsoon clouds.

It offers the panoramic view of city’s lakes, palaces and the countryside. In addition, it was built by the Maharana to watch the the ancestral home, chittaurgarh. You need 2-3 hours to complete your visit here.

6. Ambrai Ghat:-

One of the most peaceful place in Lake City Udaipur located on the other side of city palace on the banks of lake Pichola. When you visit here at sunset it seems like you are in heaven. In addition, you will fall in love with this place when you have a glimpse of it’s beauty.

Furthermore, this place also provides a panoramic view of the lake and the city palace. Here, you can also enjoy the evening with live music performance by the localites of Udaipur.

7. Lake Haveli Restaurant:-

At 9:00 pm you can have your lunch at Lake Haveli restaurant located behind the Ambrai Ghat. In addition, you can enjoy your meal with a great view of the lake Pichola with the sparky lights making the view more alluring.

Although, Lake Haveli offers a wide range of food varieties, but it’s spaghetti dish and Indian Breads are too awesome. Lake Haveli also provides a session of Ghazal from 9:00 pm onwards to make their customers feel blended.


So, these were the places which you can explore in Lake City Udaipur within a day. I would like you to give some suggestions and tips for your single day trip:-

  • Book your stay in a hotel in the old city and choose a room with a lake view, There are many hotels options available on various sites.
  • For breakfasts and lunch, try Rajasthani delicacies like dal bati, churmas, paranthas with chutney and many food places located across the city.
  • Carry your scarf/ hanky to protect yourself from sun.
  • While Udaipur provide you opportunity to take some great pics and portraits of the scenario, so, make sure you have enough charge in battery and memory space.
  • You can also enjoy a motor boat ride in fatehsagar lake but make sure you wear live jacket.