Udaipur Election Results

Udaipur Election Results:

Gulab Chand Katariya from BJP won the election from the Udaipur.

The day started with Congress party leading in Rajasthan, and 103 seats out of 199 seats were in favour of Congress Party.

For some people, Congress Politician Girija Vyas was not to lose.

But BJP takes the lead in Udaipur but not in Rajasthan.

There was also cut to cut competition in Madhya Pradesh between BJP and Congress,

And in Chattisgarh Congress was in a long lead.

Praveen Ratalia  from Udaipur also shocked many as he got votes 10890 in numbers.

As we still don’t know who will be the CM of Rajasthan as there two top leaders are ready for the post.

Phool Singh Meena from Udaipur Rural wan the election.



Udaipur rural election results Udaipur election results


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