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Best place to live

Lake city Udaipur is the best place to live. This is one big fact that has even been mentioned by the tourists, both Indian and foreign. Even those who have lived as paying guests as college students, research scholars, bank employees and a lot more on transferrable jobs have found Udaipur people to be very friendly and accommodating.

Udaipur Culture

Folk Dance udaipurUdaipur is a romantic land that had been favorite place of the Rajputs. This beautiful city has received a rich cultural heritage from the bygone age. If you are planning to tour Udaipur, it is quite necessary to know about the culture, customs and traditions that the city follows. In the present times, Udaipur has adopted the life style of big cities; still there are some customs & traditions in the city that would be new for you. Udaipur culture is the most love-able thing. This attracts people to live here..

The city is still inhabited by people of Bhil tribe, so you could see people dressed in typical Rajsthani dress with loads of silver jewelry during your trip.  The lakes, temples, huge forts and palaces boast about the rich legacy of this city. In this article, we have covered the subjects of people, language, religion, folk dance and music of Udaipur.

Udaipur dwellers are really friendly and good to be with. On your first look, you will find them rugged, but these people are really good at heart. Untouched by the pace of modern times, these desert people are well-built, simple and cheerful. Here, people usually prefer wearing bright colored clothes. The traditional attire of women is ‘Ghaghra choli’ (Skirt & blouse) and for men, angrakha (Kurta) and dhoti would do. In the modern times, people prefer wearing casual dress to match the contemporary fashion.

To communicate, language is really important. Mewari is the primary language of Udaipur, yet Rajasthani, Hindi and English are also common in the city.

Jainism is the main religion which is observed in Udaipur. Other religions include Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity in the decreasing order.

Folk Dance and Music
The dynamic and vibrant dance adds sparkle to this romantic city of Udaipur. Udaipur doesn’t have its own dance that is especially linked with it. However, the dances that are famous all over Rajasthan make the dance of Udaipur too. Bhavai, Ghoomar, Kachhi Ghodi, Kalbeliya and Terahtaali are the unusual dances of Rajasthan. Still, dance of Dandi Gair is associated with Marwar and hence with Udaipur. Talking about music, the dwellers of Udaipur find solace in the melodious music of Morchang, Naad, Tanpura, Sarangi and many other instruments that used to echo the courts of Mewar rulers.

Apart from culture-

 the city offers a lot to fascinate everyone. Earlier it used to be considered as a small place with much less modern amenities and basic facilities as compared to the other cities of the world. But even in its minute form, it has been able to capture hearts. Now with various technological, structural and economic changes Udaipur has become one of the top most city that has magnetic properties.

One strong point that has been noticed in the past decade is that many people who have gone out of the city for the purpose of earning have actually come back to settle in Udaipur as no other place gave them a feeling of home. People want to settle here as it is peaceful enough to spend a life after retirement. Do we need more words to express that Udaipur is the best city to live?

A Must visit Historic destination near Udaipur -Haldighati



Haldighati is an important historical site in the context of Rajasthan, India. Actually, haldighati is a mountain pass in the Aravalli range connecting districts of Rajsamand and Pali in Rajasthan. The place is at a comfortable distance of 40 kms from the city of Udaipur. The term Haldighati has been derived from the yellow colored soil of the place that gives a sense of turmeric (in Hindi, turmeric is called as ‘Haldi’ and valley is known as’ Ghati’). 

If you are interested in historic battles and heroic deeds of the courageous soldiers, then Haldighati is the perfect place to visit. It is a significant historical site that has observed the battle of 1576. The battle of Haldighati was a huge combat between Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar and Raja Man Singh of Amber. This ferocious battle created amount of blood shed of the heroic soldiers and the red turned color of sand still speaks of those daring people.



It is a famous historical site which is popularly known for the gallantary of Maharana Pratap. The site is located at a distance of 40 km from Udaipur city.
It is a mountain pass in the Aravalli range joining two districts â?? Rajsamand and Pali of rajasthan.
These are called Haldighati due to the tumeric colour of the mountains. These narrow mountain plays very important role in defending the honour of Mewar dynasty. In 1576 , Haldighati witness a huge war between Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar and Raja Man Singh of Amber.  


When Mughal commander attacked this region but had to beat retreat because of the forces led by Maharana Pratap . By employing the guerilla warfare technique, the Rajput forces pushed the Mughals from the royal camp at Badshah Baag to open plains of Rakt Talai .
The mughal forces fought with Pratap but the outcome was indecisive. Maharana Pratap, astride his favourite stead â??CHETAKâ?? attacked Man singh with his spear and killed the mahout while Man Singh managed to escape. During the encounter, one of Chetakâ??s hind legs was wounded from sword held in the elephantâ??s trunk creating an emergency.  

Industrial importance

Haldighati is also world famous for it’s chaitry rose product and the( mud art) Terracota of Molela. Thr Department of Tourism is promoting a private cottage industry by adding his information in Government publication instead of battle ground Rakt Talai and Main Haldighati Pass.
The fact is in the protection of administration, this Cottage Industry is creating a new history in Balicha village as the part of Haldighati and doing trespass near National Monument.
Balicha Village is a short village located at a short distance from the place. It is famous for its terracotta crafts. The presence of ‘Chaitri-Gulab’ makes Badshahi Bagh famous. Original rose water and ‘Gulkand’ (jam made from rose petals) that has immense medicinal value are prominent highlights of this garden.   

If you are interested in historic battles and heroic deeds of the courageous soldiers, then Haldighati is the perfect place to visit. Haldighati is a significant historical site that has observed the battle of 1576. The battle of Haldighati was a huge combat between Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar and Raja Man Singh of Amber. This ferocious battle created amount of blood shed of the heroic soldiers and the red turned color of sand still speaks of those daring people.

See Why Udaipur Should Be Your Next Weekend Destination

There are so many other places in Rajasthan that are worth exploring. Pushkar, Ajmer, Alwar, Udaipur.

Udaipur. One of the four most traveled to cities in Rajasthan, that is the one we decided to explore this time. When I was researching, a colleague said to me that people actually loving Udaipur more than Jaipur.

Intrigued? Here are so many reasons why you should make Udaipur your next weekend destination.

1. It is an overnight journey from Delhi if you want to take a bus or a train and both the options are very economical. You can practically just wake up in Udaipur. 

Source: indiarailinfo

2. There are a lot of hostel options AND boutique hotels for you to choose from. 

Source: udaikothi

Depending on your taste and how much money you want to shell, there are hostels like Zostel and Bonfire, and also fancier hotels that were actually havelis once.

Source: zostel

3. Udaipur’s City Palace is one of the most striking and beautiful palaces.

Everything from the mirror work, stone-work, motifs, inlays, age-old paintings on the wall, and the collection of artifacts will bring out the art connoisseur in you.

Source: @theyellowthread/Instagram 

4. The cafe inside the palace complex, Palki Khana, is laid out under the sun with a stunning view of the city palace. 

You can have a chilled beer, a noon cocktail, and some hearty food. Sit and admire the palace’s facade or just settle in for sunny noon being part of the chattering, pleasing crowd. Very European.


5. You won’t know Rajasthani food unless you have had some made by the locals. There are residents who have opened small restaurants out of their house, like Shri Vinayak, to bring you Dal Bati Churma, or gattey ki sabji et al. Slurp. 

Representational image/ Source: youtube

6. Mumbai Chowpatty is one thing, but sitting by the Fateh Sagar Lake eating some of the best street food from the line of stalls there is something else altogether. Their extensive menu will make you want to have everything.

Source: udaipurtimes

7. Dharohar folk dance and puppet show at Bagore Ki Haveli is a grand showcasing of Rajasthani art and culture. It will slay you. 


The light and sound show is something, but this will have you clapping to death.

Source: wheelsonourfeet 

8.  Head to Ambrai restaurant and dine by the Pichola lake at night with the view of the majestic palace all lit up, and you will never want to come back home.  


9. You can travel in a cable car to Karni Mata Temple that is atop a hill, only to behold the entire City of Lakes spread before you.

10. Or you can go to Sajjan Garh Palace, the Monsoon Palace which is a hilltop palatial residence that overlooks the entire Udaipur city. Beautiful sunset view right here folks!

Source: ghumakkar 

11. There is some serious shopping to be done in Udaipur. 

This place has some of the best jackets with embroidery and mirror work that I have seen. You will not be able to buy just one.

12. ‘The Legacy of Honour’ is the light and sound show that is held in the evening inside the City Palace, and it will give you an insight into the rich history of the Mewar house of royals. 


13. If all you want to do is relax, you can sit by Lake Pichola all night long and watch the lights play on the water. 

Source: zostel

14. You also have the option of traveling to Chittorgarh, Kumbhalgarh or Haldi Ghati, which are only an hour or so away, if you are someone who is interested in history and want to explore these sites.

Source: rajasthandirect

15. Oh, and the fact that you can do all of this and relax in one of the most beautiful cities in India all in two days has to have some value, eh?

Source: picquery

Makes for a perfect winter getaway! Let the planning begin! 

Agri Tourism facility for tourists in Udaipur

Government is taking steps towards creating Agri Tourism facility for tourists in Udaipur. Agriculture Minister Prabhu Lal Saini said that tourists coming to Udaipur will get the opportunity of staying with farmers in the villages.

Tourists will get the advantage of learning a lot about villages, forest, food habits and farming while staying in villages. Government is making arrangements for the stay and safety of tourists in rural areas.

This step will have a positive impact on the farmers. Their source of income will increase since they will be providing accommodation and food. Also tourists will get an altogether different experience. Government is making agendas for developing Agri Tourism to promote tourism as well as make it an area of earning for the rural areas.

The Agriculture Minister specified that if this project succeeds and picks up popularity, then Udaipur will be the first district in Rajasthan to set the trend of Agri Tourism. Every year Lake City Udaipur sees a lot of tourists, who are keen to go towards villages and love to be in natural environment.

There are plans of making biscuits from bajra( pearl millet). Bajra is grown on 42 lakh hectares; hence making biscuits from bajra is going to be an experiment in itself.


Villages will also hold cultural nights for the tourists. Tourists will get the benefit of makki ki roti made in villages. The cultural programs will make the tourists aware of the local culture. Every year the growing number of tourists in Udaipur is motivating enough for Agri Tourism. While visiting places like Kumbhalgarh, bio-diversity park, Ubeshwar ji , the tourists pass through rural areas as well. Hence developing Agri Tourism will prove to be an attraction for Lake City Udaipur. The popularity of Udaipur as an Agri Tourism spot will give it new dimensions on world tourist map.

(Agritourism defined most broadly involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm)