Recent incident held in Udaipur..!!

Most shocking incident held in Udaipur , which led to Hindu-Muslim ruthless fights coming over the whole state, which also even led to increase the  fire of anger amongst all the people of nation..


(An image of rally being conducted on Court chouraha,Court,

near Chetak Circle, Udaipur (Raj.).

A topic, or we can also say that a serious incident held in udaipur, which everyone should face and know about to improvise our own society to be free from such ruthless or crucial activities.

Whole country knows about current situation of our state rajasthan, and how people are going through it and dealing with the crucial state.

with this topic of mine article, I just want to express my views that because of some people which belongs or follows any particular religion creates some neunsense in our state and many innocents pepole who are not part of that are dealing with that situation.

I am not criticising any religion or caste and i am no one to do such particular thing because it’s not our religion or way which has developed differences in between many societies, It is we the humans who have created differences like untouchability, higher caste – upper caste cases, and many more  such like these.. The need is that we all are humans and why can’t we live with peace and morality of values.?

A question mark on everyone..!!

The recent incident held in Udaipur is an example of huge conflicts between Hindu and Muslim religion.,various rallies were conducted by both the religion protesting each other.. But do you what is the fact about their rallies and other activities,,,;;?? Nothing but many innocents were taken behind the bars for no reasons. Many who protested against each other were just roaming freely around the town but many innocents got trap in these.., this is the major problem of our country. Why people can’t live peacefully?


Many students with no reason were caught and kept behind the bars for no reason. Why do these innocents have to sacrifice every time ? why don’t those people come in front who have actually done this this.!!

And again a big question mark on everyone.!!

There’s a beautiful world outside from all such things with great people and great ambience, culture,  society. Move on from such old narrow minded thinking and let the world be painted with our great colors, happiness, smile, emotions.

And at last I just want to convey that live peacefully, live for humanity not for such ruthless and crucious activity.




Design Of An Udaipur Girl Selected For New York Fashion Week….!!!

Sakshi Mehta, a student at International Institute of Interiors & Fashion Design, Udaipur, will be showcasing her design at the New York Fashion Week 2018.

Her design, which was shortlisted under the International Showcase category was selected on the basis of being the closest to the Trend Report for the coming season.  The shortlisting was done by James R Sanders and team of the NYFW.  As per the official email received by the centre, the original design, in keeping tandem with the show and requirement of of media, could be improvised.

The New York Fashion Week is hosted at the prestigious Pier 59, Manhattan, New York.

Post the show at NYFW the selected garment will be sent back to the IIFD, Udaipur Center.

Famous people/celebrities born in udaipur

5 famous people born in udaipur

1. Aindrita ray

BIRTHDAY 16 April, 1985
 BIRTH PLACE Udaipur , Rajasthan
 AGE (in 2017) 32 Years Old
 HEIGHT in centimeters- 168 cm
in meters- 1.68 m
in Feet Inches- 5’ 6”
 WEIGHT in Kilograms- 53 kg
in Pounds- 116.84 lbs

About                                                                                                                                                                                      Aindrita Ray was born on 16-04-1985 in Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan, India. She is an Indian Film Actress & Model who known for her work in Kannada, Telugu, Bengali and Bollywood films.

2. Vikram Solanki

 BIRTHDAY 1 April, 1976
 BIRTH PLACE Udaipur , Rajasthan
 AGE (in 2017) 41 Years Old
 HEIGHT in centimeters- 183 cm
in meters- 1.83 m
in Feet Inches- 6’ 0”

About                                                                                                                                                                              Vikram Solanki was born on 01-04-1976 in Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan, India. He is an Indian-born English Cricket Player.

3.Limba Ram

 BIRTHDAY 30 January, 1972
 BIRTH PLACE Saradit , Udaipur , Rajasthan
 AGE (in 2017) 45 Years Old
 BIRTH SIGN Aquarius

About                                                                                                                                                                              Limba Ram was born on 30th January 1972 in Saradeet, Rajasthan, India. He is an Indian Archer and Archer Coach. He has represented India in three Olympics



His childhood days were spent in a severe shortage of money. He started by hunting down birds using his hand made bow and arrow.  As soon as he learned that Government is organizing trials to train archers. He rushed in there and was spotted by Sports Authority of India. He was one of the four boys who got selected after the trials and was sent to Delhi to train under Coach R.S. Sodhi.
After receiving formal training he won the National Level Junior Championships. This was just the beginning as he kept on winning at the National circuit on a consistent basis. He represented India in three Olympics. He Won Silver Medal in the individual event and won Gold Medal in the team event at the Archery Asian Cup held in Beijing in 1989. He also won an Individual Gold Medal at The Asian Archery Championships held in Beijing in 1992. He also equaled the world record by scoring 357/360 in 30 meters event.  He missed Bronze medal at the 1992 Olympics by just 1 point.
Due to a Shoulder Injury that occurred while he was playing Football, his professional career ended. In 2009 he was signed as National Archery Coach. For his achievements, he was conferred with Padma Shri by Indian Govt in 2012.

4.Uday Shankar

 BIRTHDAY 8 December, 1900
 BIRTH PLACE Udaipur , Rajasthan
 AGE (in 1977) 76 Years Old
 BIRTH SIGN Sagittarius

About                                                                                                                                                                                Uday Shankar was born on 08-12-1900 in Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan, India. He was an Indian Dancer & Choreographer.

5. Kiran Maeshwari

 BIRTHDAY 29 October, 1961
 BIRTH PLACE Udaipur , Rajasthan
 AGE (in 2017) 56 Years Old

About                                                                                                                                                                                           Kiran Maheshwari was born on 29-10-1961 in Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan, India. She is an Indian Politician

Career                                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Kiran Maheshwari is amongst those politicians who are known for their gutsy nature. At present She is serving the as a Minister of PHED and Ground Water supply from Jaipur. She is used to basically contest from Bhartiya Janta Party. She had also served as a cabinet minister in Rajasthan Government. She is considered to be amongst the honest politicians, who are known to take the right decision at the right time.

WWE in Udaipur – Arjun Paliwal | A dream of watching these wrestling stars live

It’s time to see it LIVE! It is happening in Udaipur and Indian Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) is bringing the dreamy world of wrestling and fighting in our city (Udaipur).

For Arjun Paliwal (Indian Wrestling Entertainment) the main objective is to relive a dream – a dream of watching these wrestling stars live. He belongs to the city of lakes and is proud of the city; hence he has chosen Udaipur to be the hosting venue.

Yes, it is happening! WWE in Udaipur

Arjun Paliwali with the great Khali

Thinking who are artists making it big at Udaipur? Well, the event has some of the huge names as their physique! There are going to be female and male wrestlers who will fight at the arena in front of Udaipur’s crowd. Excited aren’t you?

Let us reveal the big names that are going to be at Udaipur for this event- The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, Brody Steele, Ryback, Katy Forbes, Bobby Leshlye and many more.

Wrestling championships have been like a dream and many of us are big fans of these stars. With Indian wrestler Khali in the league, wrestling competitions have taken a new path of excitement and amazement in India.Yes, it is happening! WWE in Udaipur

We are quite excited ourselves to witness such a huge event in the city. We hope that such humongous events will bring a lot of people especially tourists from across the globe to the City of Lakes. It is a great honor for the people of the city that such events are being held in Udaipur. We wish all the very best to Arjun Paliwal and his team for organizing an event like this and making it happen in lakecity.

world’s Most Expensive Buffalo in Udaipur

Claimed to be world’s costliest buffalo, 9.5 year old “Yuvraj” has become the key attraction at the animal exhibition organised as part of GRAM fest in Udaipur.

Yuvraj has been brought in from Haryana and is estimated to be worth Rs 9 Crores. This Rs 9 Crore bid was made by a South African. Owned by Haryana farmer Karmveer Singh, the buffalo weighs a humongous 1600kgs. Considering its built, there is a huge demand for Yuvraj’s semen from farmer’s all across the country for their cows.

Yuvraj has been the All Indian Winner in over 25 competitions held nationally and its owner says that he ends up making over Rs 50Lakh from Yuvraj every year.

However, maintaining a buffalo like Yuvraj does not come easy. The estimated daily cost of maintenance of Yuvraj comes to around Rs 3-4 thousand per day. The buffalo needs around 10 kg fruits, 20 litre milk, dry fruits, 5 kg fodder and grains on a daily basis.

The buffalo is also massaged twice a day with Ghee or Oil.

After looking at its maintenance, I don’t know whether I want to buy this bull or be this bull!

RJ Himanshu – A Man who has a success in his words (Udaipur)

A fluent person is someone that can give you a lot many topics to discuss over a cup of coffee. But, an individual who is not only good enough in communication as well entertaining is definitely loved by all. This thought of RJ cum Anchor Himanshu underlies his personality. Meeting with Himanshu in an event turnaround quite a way exciting for UdaipurBlog team because we saw a person filled with a lot of energy, confidence, and positivity to host a show. It’s not just only work for him but a chance to break all the limits of making people happy.

RJ himanshu jain
After meeting him, some questions came to our mind, and we decided to have a chat with him regarding his passion that drove him to the success that he always wished to have.


How did you step into the field of RJing and who was your inspiration?

-“It was entirely unintentional. I went for my friend’s audition, and even I ended up giving the audition. I think the day was in my favor, so the combo of god’s blessing & confidence made possible my selection for the new ride of life. I had heard one radio station only once before my audition that too for a couple of minutes only. I didn’t even know that these people are known as Radio Jockeys, but whatever I heard was entertaining & was enough to get my mind racing. So I would say it was an inspiring moment rather than an inspiring person.”


After being a radio jockey, now you are a host and a famous anchor. So, what did you enjoy more – Your previous field or the current one?

-“Both are the different parts of one thing called entertainment. Both are enjoyable to me, but the fact is that I am enjoying my present because of my past. Radio gave me an identity, the celebrity tag. While giving an interview for a marketing company, nobody is going to ask you for your 12th result or if you are holding an MBA degree in your hand, but they will ask about your experience. Radio is an MBA degree for me in the anchoring field.”


What is your family and educational background?

-“I come from a business class family and because of that my education was all about numbers i.e. Commerce, and I became a certified master in that.”


What do you love about your hometown?

-“I am proud to call myself an Udaipurite. The city itself tempts people to live in it, The city that has heroic History, Beauty, Peace, Fashion, Business, Culture, Art, Value, Life, Nature, Architecture, Living standard, Connectivity and a lot more. A perfect city to be in and a perfect city to grow.”


rj himanshu

What does anchoring mean to you?

-“It’s my LIFELINE. I always dreamt of wearing classy clothes and to live a glamorous life. Anchoring along with completing this dream of mine also got me attention, fame and respect with the plus point of me being paid in BIG numbers.”


Who are the remarkable people with whom you have worked till date? 

-“I interviewed John Abraham for the very first time, and the list has been moving forward since then. I recently got the opportunity to host a show for Amitabh Bachchan. Some commercial shows I enjoyed were for Bindaas, MTV, Star One, Zee Q, etc.”


Which is the moment of your life that you admire the most and which helped you reach heights? 

-“Whenever someone shows blind faith in me, although it’s pressurizing, I feel responsible then. I respect the trust of the person, and it is the pressure and responsibility which took me to heights along with perfection.”


If someone wants to be in your field, what steps he/she should take to work as an RJ and anchor? 

-“Keeping all the technical dos/don’t & theoretical knowledge aside, a single thing I have observed is happiness. For me, it is a must have. You can’t make someone happy with an unhappy mood. So, stay happy and you will experience the best of this field.”

Emcee Himanshu Jain
After 5 years, where do you see yourself?

-“Har patang ko pata hai ki ant uska kachre mein hi hai, Lekin uss se pehle aasman na chhua toh kya kiya… – Even I want to touch the sky and want to stay there till the end of history. I don’t know what I will be doing 5 years down the line, but I am enjoying my flying now.”


What is your inspirational idea for the youngsters, who are already into the communication field? 

-Success has just one calculation formula. Stop thinking about limits and start thinking about the possibilities. Don’t choose this profession for money or fame; they will come without fail if you are happy with what you do. If you want to have something unusual, then you have to do something unusual. Until then don’t forget that the last key of the bunch can also unlock the door so don’t give up. Let your work speak, because I think Pehchaan se mila kaam thode time k liye rehta hai but kaam se mili pehchaan hamesha ke liye.

Himanshu, I guess people should learn to be thoughtful and cheerful enough if they are thinking to take a chance in your field.

If you guys want to know more about him, you can reach him through social media profiles at: