Best food places in udaipur

So you are in Udaipur the city of lakes and you need to find the best places where you can eat best food. Here is my must visit and eat places in Udaipur. 

JMB  Ki Kachori 

If samosa is the king of our favorite street food then Kachori is the queen of our tummy’s heart. Hope I didn’t say something over…ok  Kachoris are stuffed with different spice and pulses, and when fried, it become puffy, crispy like a dome of happiness. For more than 15 years, Shri Lala Mishtan is serving delicious spicy kachoris food and claims top among hundreds of other kachori stalls or shops in Udaipur. The authentic, simple kachoris with a punch of tamarind chutney will give you a spark for rest of the day.


Delhi Gate ki Jalebi

To all sweet-toothed people, if you want to start a sweet- warm day, have some Jalebis at Delhi Gate and you’ll come back again and again, it’s always  providefresh and served hot food. Bhole Mishthan prepares jalebi in vanaspati ghee which is better than any other oil or ghee. It is one of the oldest and most popular places known for its jalebi.Opens at 7.00am till 9pm. Shop: Opp Delhigate Police Chowky.



Egg curry stand

Located right ahead of the well known Chetak Cinema, the Egg Curry Stand is highly recommended for those who love different types of egg food. The Egg burji here is extremely famous. A healthful combination of scrambled eggs and sautéed vegetables, it has the right blend of mild spices.



Fateh Sagar lake – Vinoof Coffee House

Vinood Coffee House is one among the well-known youth hubs in Udaipur. Almost everything served here is a flavor-some delight. With the famous Fateh Lake setting up as the background, Vinod Coffee House is perfect for those who enjoy a good food with a pal. The coffee here is a special favorite; steaming hot coffee is served in Kulhad (earthen clay cups). The Kulhad cups add a special taste to the coffee, making it all the more rich and exquisite. It is best enjoyed in the evening where the sunset contributes to the alluring atmosphere.