Amrakh Mahadev Temple

Amrakh Mahadev Temple is few kilometers away from Udaipur City.

The temple is around 1500 years old (as per sources) and this temple too was

attacked by Mughal like Ekling Ji,

Yes Ekling Ji was also attacked by Mughals several times and


The temple is carved beautifully inside and outside with stones.

A Fair is conducted at this place every year at Thandi Rakhi,

where around twenty thousand people from nearby attend.

The place is between the mountains and offers the view of mountains and nature.

According to people, the Gang Kund has never been dried

even situations of severe drought.

The temple as per name is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The place is consists of a small garden and a bit open space.

Place is easily accessible and no issues with road also.

Here below is the location of the temple.

360-degree images of the Temple

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