Importance of Advertising

Importance of Advertising,When a person think to advertise, First few question arises in mind –

  • Does Advertising is really important?
  • What if I don’t advertise!
  • How do I budget my advertising plan
  • Advertising could be waste of money
  • How to start and end the campaign
  • When to start?
  • Preferred Medium- Which medium to opt Radio,TV, Newspaper, Hoarding/OOH, Internet marketing,website etc
  • How my advertisement can look effective ….etcAdvertising

Let me tell you as of my experience, I am working in advertising industry from last 5 years and I deal in most of advertising services like radio,television,newspaper,OOH,Internet marketing etc & I cam across many advertisers On behalf of that I am sharing my experience.

I this era to survive and to beat the competition Advertising is must,Many people plan and setup there business & They don’t plan a proper advertisement budget that creates blunder results into loss.

Earlier no proper media planning facilities were there So absence of knowledge could also be a reason of ignorance.Now a days advertising agencies,Media planning services are available in market,An advertiser can approach them for planning and placements.

While Planning Advertises have to understand what to exactly convey to get good results !!

For that Media planner will have to evaluate below mentioned major point :-

  • Client target Audience– For every product there is specified audience Like a cricket bat will attract more to a male of age group 5 yrs to 35 yrs, A women could be more interested in searching a best¬† Sanitary pads that belong to age group of 12 years – 55 years.
  • Product Design/Logo– Logo helps in creating image of product
  • Tagline/brand promise– for better recall
  • Address– Availability Advertises must mention how to reach to buy particular product or to avail particular service.
  • Campaign Duration- Fore most important part of advertising, Before starting an advertises must have to plan a campaign duration a particular time band so, To reach to n number of audience with proper recall for better understanding of products importance.
  • ¬† Medium- Usually 360 degree marketing campaign creates better recall, But a person have to be budget constraint as well So for the successful accomplishment a person must shortlist advertisement platforms like
  1. News paper– To create product image, If a person comes across an advertisement, that advertisement creates an image in his mind and that may result into creating faith in product.A person can choose advertising space according to Budget like every page of newspaper have different cost.
  2. RadioРContinuous repetitions & An effective advertisement  on radio make a person think about the product,Its usage.
  3. Hoarding – As a part of 360 advertising OOH option plays vital role, As while travelling a person comes across many advertisements that also helps in Image building.

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